Executive Board & Board of Directors


Dan Proskin, President
Howard Marshall, 1st Vice President
John Bresnahan, 2nd Vice President
Jean Simmons, 3rd Vice President
Maren Jacobs, Secretary
Anthony Hyte, Treasurer

Brenda Curry, Pittsfield
Sue DeSanty, Clarksburg
Sarah Gaffey, Clarksburg
Del Krzeminski, Cheshire
Dr. Jason McCandless, Williamstown
David Pelletier, Pittsfield
Dominick C. Sacco, Pittsfield
Pat Sheely, Pittsfield
Nanette S. Wells, Sheffield
Brian House, Pittsfield

LETTER: Pat Sheely, Board Member from Pittsfield

I became a board member of UCP in 1990, the same year the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) became law (7/26/1990). During the 1980’s, I met and worked with a core group of area advocates with disabilities. From them I learned to accept having a disability as well as learning how to advocate. UCP became my forum.

The ADA became the civil rights law for persons with disabilities. This year (2020) is the thirty year anniversary. The ADA is a complicated law with many, many specifications. The reason, I feel, the law is such a success is because of agencies like UCP of Western Massachusetts. UCP uses the law as a tool. Look at how far our agency has come as well as all the lives that have been positively impacted. Whether it has been one interaction or a lifetime of influence, UCP has achieved and will continue to fulfill its mission far into the future. That mission is a life without limits and full participation in the community.

Our agency is such a success because of all the talented, innovative and sincere individuals involved with it. Every staff member, board member and the many volunteers contribute to UPC. All should stand tall and be proud of your work and achievements. All of this human energy combines to achieve the excellent reputation that our agency has. What is even more amazing is that all of this positive work and impact continues in the midst of a pandemic.

For me in this season of thanks and giving, I feel so fortunate to be part of the UCP world. The ADA has helped so many people with disabilities as well as allow them to go forward with their lives. At the same time UCP has utilized this law as well as innovative thinking to impact the disability community in a positive and forward thinking way.

For all of the above, I celebrate and say THANK YOU!