Executive Board & Board of Directors


Howard Marshall, President
Jean Simmons, 1st Vice President
Dan Proskin, Treasurer
Maren Jacobs, Secretary
Brenda Curry, Assistant Secretary


Brian Andrews
Paul Bowlby
Leah Cassucci
Sue DeSanty
Del Krzeminski
Tracy McConnell
Dr. Charles Ross
Alycia Sacco
Dominic C. Sacco
Pat Sheely
William Swann
Dianne Supranowicz
Nanette S. Wells


It is an honor to serve as president of one of Berkshire County’s most creative, vibrant, and resilient nonprofit organizations. In my 25 years working with UCP in various capacities, I have witnessed the agency blossom and thrive as its mission of a “life without limits” resonates with more and more members of the community.

In working towards that mission, UCP constantly seeks new and creative opportunities to help those with disabilities live more independent and fulfilling lives. From providing early intervention to children at risk of developmental delays, designing bespoke support systems for adults, helping members participate in community activities, loaning medical equipment for those with temporary needs, or implementing technology solutions that allow individuals to live independently in their homes, UCP is at the forefront of this important work.

We continue to build our presence across Western Massachusetts, expanding programs not just in Berkshire County, but in the Pioneer Valley as well. We recently opened our fourth office in West Springfield to serve as a regional Assistive Technology center and to provide support to our Pioneer Valley family programs. While the Covid pandemic challenged UCP in many ways, it also pushed the agency’s creativity and commitment further. Not missing a single day of service, UCP continued its vital work while expanding a number of programs, adding new contracts and services, opening new administrative offices, and deepening our connections to our members and our community.

I cannot thank our staff, our leadership and our board enough for the work they do every day. It is an absolute privilege to be a part of this organization.