Executive Board & Board of Directors


John Bresnahan, Interim President
Jean Simmons, Interim 1st Vice President
Dan Proskin, Treasurer
Maren Jacobs, Secretary
Brenda Curry, Assistant Secretary


Brian Andrews
Sue DeSanty
Del Krzeminski
Tracy McConnell
Dominick C. Sacco
Pat Sheely
Peter Sturgeon
Dianne Supranowicz
Nanette S. Wells

Leading the UCP Board of Directors over the last 3 years has truly been an honor and a privilege. During the first half of my term, the Board of Directors, along with Sal Garozzo and our talented senior leaders and staff, faced some of the most challenging times the agency has ever seen, with the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. Our agency is a family of helpers. We came together to find creative ways to serve our members, keep them safe, provide food, PPE and vital socio-emotional therapy and supports.

The teamwork I witnessed was unlike anything I’ve ever seen in my tenure at UCP. Sal, our caregivers and staff were constantly thinking outside the box to address the new challenges of the pandemic while maintaining healthy budgets and expanding programming. All this while keeping a tight focus on providing uninterrupted support to our members to keep them safe.

UCP has not only dealt heroically with the pandemic, but the agency also grew exponentially to meet the high and growing demand in the disability marketplace – nearly 1 in 4 adults have a disability in our state. (CDC) To succeed at both accomplishments at the same time, this could only be achieved with outstanding employees and quality caregivers.

Today, new and creative programs are supporting our members to meet their post pandemic needs and the needs of an ever-changing world. Our new Remote Support Center and Assistive Technology Regional Centers are prime examples of innovative programming designed to help people with disabilities live more independently, with new technology and 24/7 remote support. I am proud of the accomplishments I’ve achieved with the help of the board throughout my term. In the last 3 years, I’m happy to have helped establish the Lisa Jacobs Scholarship Fund that offers funding to individuals interested in obtaining a college education in the field of human services. In addition, I am also pleased that we created the Dan Dillon Endowment Fund, the first endowment UCP has ever established. I encourage our community and generous supporters to consider contributing to either fund, if you’re able to, in the near future.

I want to thank Sal Garozzo, the people of UCP and the entire board for your support and commitment throughout these years. I also want to thank my wife, Alicia, for her support of my commitments to UCP. As we move forward with new leadership, I wish Howard Marshall, our incoming Board President much success as he brings forth new ideas to continue to move our agency forward.

I plan to continue my support to this wonderful agency for many years to come and look forward to all the new opportunities that lie ahead of us.