UCP’s After-School Program helps children 3 to 6 years old to develop new skills, make new relationships and build confidence.

UCP’s Social Sprouts After-School Program is held at UCP’s North Adams Office, located at 535 Curran Highway.

Children learn new skills through developmentally appropriate play in our bright, safe and stimulating environment. Peer modelling enables younger children to build relationships with older peers, which helps them develop more quickly and at a higher-level skill set.

Children learn arts & crafts, take field trips and interact with peers. The adult-to-child ratio is one adult to 3-5 children, depending on individual needs.

The age range is 3-6 years of age, and many are graduates of UCP’s Early Intervention Program. Some attend preschool due to their special needs, but, due to disabilities, they are unable to participate in a typical after-school program. Others are operating with mild developmental delays that were not significant enough to meet eligibility for referral to public school. Their families are overqualified for Headstart, yet unable to afford the soaring cost of private preschool programming.

The Social Sprouts Vacation Club meets for 4 hours, 2 days per week, during school vacations in December, February and August. It is open to any child residing in Western MA, with reliable transportation.

Without this program, these children would not have these opportunities until they start kindergarten, when their delays may have become more significant. Curriculum and staffing is provided by Early Intervention professionals and supervised by the Early Intervention Program’s group coordinator.

Program Offerings

Recreational Activities
UCP Staff member teaching a child with disabilities about plants in a classroom setting.