We help people with disabilities continue to live at home with their families, or, if they choose, to live with non-family members/caregivers.

The Adult Family Care (AFC) Program offers an opportunity for individuals with disabilities over the age of 16, who are MassHealth eligible to continue living at home, with their families, or they can choose to live with non-family community members.

Individuals are assessed to determine the level of need, based on MassHealth criteria. These areas include mobility, transferring, eating, toileting, dressing and bathing. Caregivers assist with these activities of daily living. Each participant of AFC is assigned a multidisciplinary team consisting of a care manager and a registered nurse to coordinate medical and social services.

Caregivers receive a tax-free stipend of up to $9000 or up to $18,000 annually, depending on the level of need. AFC homes must be qualified during the intake process.

Call us to learn about Caregiver Training. Our program includes 8 hours of training annually, CPR and instructions on how to manage monthly care logs.

Program Offerings

Self Advocacy
Self-Confidence Buildings
Increased Independence
Social Skills
Recreational Activities