Assistive Technology Evaluations, Training and Support for children and adults with disabilities in Western MA.

UCP provides AT Evaluations, Reports, Recommendations and Training to help people with disabilities identify and purchase the right assistive technology for their needs. Our practitioners evaluate individuals in the settings where they need support: at work, school or at home. This helps ensure success for people with disabilities in their everyday lives. Programs are accessed through contracts, fee for service and various funded programs.

UCP of Western MA provides evaluations for multiple populations including: Brain injury, workmen’s compensation, private evaluations, school evaluations, vocational rehab and ergonomic evaluations.

In school settings we work collaboratively with Special Education Directors, Speech & Language Pathologists, Occupational and Physical Therapists to identify the needs of students who will benefit from a wide variety of assistive technology.

At the workplace, we team with Clinicians, Occupational or Physical Therapists and Rehab, Back and Wheelchair Specialists to evaluate and recommend workplace accommodations to increase functionality for employees with disabilities.

Evaluations for Independent Living are funded by the MASS Rehab Commission (MRC). Participants of this program need to go through an intake process, have a current diagnosis medically approved by a doctor and meet certain financial criteria.

Once evaluations and reports are complete, our certified AT specialists make recommendations for the appropriate assistive technology for aids for daily living, workplace modifications, increased mobility and communication at school, low-vision, hearing and many other conditions across a spectrum of disabilities. The goal is to increase functionality for students and adults with disabilities in Western MA.


  • Smart home devices to control systems in home
  • Smartphones
  • Voice recognition
  • Speech to text
  • Apps for memory
  • Home modifications
  • Ramps
  • Stair lifts
  • Power wheel chair
  • Scooters
  • Bathroom adaptations
  • Grab rails
  • Shower chairs

Program Offerings

Woman with disability learning to use assistive technology software and computer with UCP staff member.