Support for kids with disabilities: Health and wellness, successful relationships, school AT evaluations and personal goals.

UCP of Western MA offers a wide variety of programs designed to support children of all ages with their developmental needs to help grow and learn more independently. We support the entire family so they understand the complex needs of their children. Some of our children with complex medical needs have been referred to us through our collaborative partnerships with Boston Children’s and Shriner’s Hospital upon discharge. Our clinicians follow the guidelines of their medical staff when providing follow up care at home.

UCP’s Early Intervention Program provides family-centered, therapeutic developmental services to children birth to 3 years old who have developmental delays or are at risk of a developmental delay. These risks range from short-term needs like speech delays to long-term chronic special needs. The program is available to families in Northern Berkshire County.

Our Neonatal Support Program supports families whose children are exposed to substance abuse prenatally.

In UCP’s Social Sprouts After-School Program, children learn new skills and make new friends in a safe, stimulating environment. It’s open to any child, 3 to 6 years old, residing in Northern Berkshire County.

UCP’s Autism Waiver Program is facilitated through the Autism Connections. This goal-oriented program helps families find community supports to strengthen the family unit and gain independence for their children with an Autism only diagnosis.


Baby with disabilities sitting in assistive technology chair.
When we see new parents, whether it’s their first child or maybe it’s their second or third, and their baby has been diagnosed with special needs, it’s a very trying time in their lives. They’re often surprised and overwhelmed and need support and guidance. We provide that critical support in our Early Intervention Program, to help the family deal and cope from the very beginning.

Diana Sullivan, BAEd.
CEIS, Director Early Intervention and Early Childhood Programs